At the occasion of Mother’s Day this year, we invited two inspirational mother-daughter duo’s who share Clio Goldbrenner’s joy for life to spend the day with us and guide us through their curated city hotspots!

Meet our second poppy duo: 

Mother Marie-Catherine & daughter Lisa hit our fashion capital: Antwerp. They popped into our flagship store and discovered the latest collection to select their favourite pieces. They took their new it-bag for a stroll through the city and showed us to their most treasured city spots.

Join us on our journal and socials to know all about these mother-daughter duo’s favourite spots in town!

Or even better, book a day with your mom in Antwerp  and take their city guide with you. 

Happy Mother’s Day!




Flagship store Clio : 63 Steenhouwersvest, 2000 Antwerpen / Insta : @cliogoldbrenner 

Our Flagship store Clio Goldbrenner in Antwerpen is open from Monday to Saturday (10AM – 6PM). Come and discover the selection of ready-to-wear & accessories especially from the SS22 collection 



Jardin Botanique : 24 Leopoldstraat, 2000 Antwerpen 

Den Botaniek is in bloom all seasons.   Nowhere else in Antwerp will you find so many herb and plant species together.  Strolling along the winding paths along the flower beds, you forget the busy city, while it is still nearby. Den Botaniek breathes the atmosphere of the past.  Initially, the garden with the medicinal herbs belonged to the adjacent Sint-Elisabeth hospital.  Thanks to the efforts of doctor and botanist Claude-Louis Sommé, the garden became an important domain for scientific research. Teke a stroll while shopping and enjoy the full sun next to the cacti conservatory.  Or catch your breath in the shade under one of the special trees.   During the exam periods, Den Botaniek is popular with students who sit on the grass with their textbooks.  If you get hungry, you can have lunch in style on the adjacent terrace. 



Le labo : 18 Wapper, 2000 Antwerpen / Insta : @lelabofragrances 

Le Labo was founded in 2006 by two friends wanting to create a scented revolution in a world of conventional perfumery. They opened our first lab at 233 Elizabeth Street in Nolita, New York City, USA. A perfume training in a perfumer's lab in Grasse made a deep impression on Fabrice Penot and Eddie Roschi, both with a marketing history at Giorgio Armani perfumes.   It dawned on them that that was the essence of making perfumes, rather than the fancy stories they made up for the big blockbusters of the brand they worked for.  They asked some perfumers to create 10 fragrances for them, no frills and sometimes with an unexpected twist that ingredients can add.  Successfully.  Less than 10 years later, the Estée Lauder group bought Le Labo.  It was the start of an international campaign of conquest that also reached Belgium last year and this year took shape in an Antwerp boutique. Explore Le Labo's fine fragrances in personalized perfumes, candles, shampoo, lotion and more. 



Komono : 46 Kammenstraat, 2000 Antwerpen / Insta : @komono_store_antwerp 

KOMONO now offers its full range via a dedicated service in its renewed Antwerp flagship store.  For the first time we go direct-to-consumer with the launch of a proper in-house optical service. Keeping the interplay between light and architecture at the forefront of their designs, AAS Gonzalez Haase have gained an established reputation for their highly innovative spatial concepts.   Their work includes major artwork installations, luxury retail interiors, residential extensions and conversions for industrial and art-related spaces.  For the KOMONO Antwerp flagship, AAS emphasized their spatial language by creating a clear gallery in which the eyewear, watches and related product takes center stage.  A reduced palette of materials combined with smart use of space focuses on transmitting the light and creates an airy visual effect.  From translucent to opalescent, the materials are assembled in simple and repetitive display shapes to avoid any unnecessary details.   


Camino : 4 Muntstraat, 2000 Antwerpen / Insta : @caminoantwerp  

Camino serves shared dishes from an asian inspired, changing menu (vegan and vegetarian options are possible).  Dishes are bought to your table when they are ready. Next to food, CAMINO has a large selection of natural wines. Ask your waiter to help you make a choice based on your personal preference. When the sun is out you will be able to sit outside, on the beautiful terrace. 



Huis Van Roosmalen : 1 Goedehoopstraat, 2000 Antwerpen   

Postmodern multi-family house, built for the interior designer Will van Roosmalen, after a design by the ArchitectenWerkGroep A.W.G.   (bOb Van Reeth, Marc Van Bortel, Mica Franck, Geert Driesen) from 1985-86.  The project, which from the start included two duplex apartments, was completed in two steps.  While the design was initially limited to the corner plot, the client decided to include the adjacent building on the quay in his plans after obtaining the building permit.  Then A.W.G.  the volume in surface area, but without affecting the original principles of the design.   


With a contrasting facade painting in white and black strips, the Van Roosmalen house has been one of the architectural icons of the Scheldt quays since its construction. As a tribute and pastiche, the house derives its most striking feature from the well-known, never-executed design by architect Adolf Loos for the residence of variety artist Josephine Baker in Paris from 1928. The radiant black and white building that unwittingly captures the maritime atmosphere of ships and beach cabins, it self-consciously imposes itself on the banal buildings of the Sint-Michielskaai, then still characterized by gray desolation and decay.  With an openness that seems to grow upwards, the architecture takes full advantage of its prominent location and the panoramic view of the Scheldt, as a kind of beacon of light between water, land and sky.   



Tim Van Laere gallery : 50 Jos Smolderenstraat, 2000 Antwerpen / Insta : @timvanlaere_tvl


Tim Van Laere Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in Antwerp, founded in 1997 by Tim Van Laere. The gallery focuses both on the work of young, emerging artists and established international artists. Ever since the gallery was founded, it has acquired a reputation on the global art scene, with artists from many different countries exhibiting works of all media (sculpture, painting, video, installation, photography). The gallery is showing 6 exhibitions per year and participates in a number of International Art Fairs. Between 7 April and 14 May 2022, Tim Van Laere Gallery is pleased to announce SELF PORTRAITS AND NUDES (GESAMTKUNSTWERK), Jonathan Meese’s fifth solo exhibition at the gallery.  


In this exhibition, Meese presents a new body of works, which capture the interplay of interior and exterior worlds, combining the phantasmagoria of the imagination with the bric-à-brac of mundane reality. To him, art is osmosis. His paintings are filled with photosynthesis and mimicry, which allows us to enter the counter world. The self portraits and nudes point out that all self portraits are nude and all nudes are self portraits. Within the self portraits you can find the childhood of everything, with the ultimate self portrait being the embryo. According to Meese this exhibition celebrates “the birth of the Gesamtkunstwerk”. With this exhibition, he pays hommage to evolution, nature, love, power, collage, abstraction, animalism, and art itself. Meese celebrates especially the following artists and “Spielkinder”: Van Gogh, Fidus, Warhol, Dali, Picasso, Balthus, Barbarella, Pippi Longstocking, and Moominism. 




The Kloosterstraat is one of the most pleasant streets in Antwerp.  It has been the home for Antwerp's antique shops for decades ; but more and more you also see other retailers and catering operators finding their way to this pleasant shopping street. What makes Kloosterstraat unique in Antwerp?  The Sundays!  On Sundays you can stroll along with the Antwerp locals between art lovers and museum visitors.  The antique and interior shops such as Brigitte Aerden Antiques, Boffi, Blue Fonz or Akanthos Ancient Art are all open.  An extremely captivating mix of modern and old;  from fresh and dusty.  Enjoy for everyone who likes to take a busy walk on a quiet Saturday… In the meantime, there is also a lot to find in the Kloosterstraat in the field of catering.  The favorites are Take 5 Minutes in Paris (with a lovely city garden!), Café Octo and Non Solo Té.  Each and every one of them is worth a visit! 



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